mai 25, 2014

ℇ- en effigie

'We found first that the law of causality, as usually stated by philosophers, is false, and is not employed in science.  We then considered the nature of scientific laws, and found that, instead of stating that one event A is always followed by another event B, they stated functional relations between certain events at certain times, which we called determinants, and other events at earlier or later times or at the same time.  We were unable to find any a priori category involved:  the existence of scientific laws appeared as a purely empirical fact, not necessarily universal, except in a trivial and scientifically useless form.  We found that a system with one set of determinants may very likely have other sets of a quite different kind, that, for example, a mechanically determined system may also be teleologically or volitionally determined. '

mai 14, 2014


'...when it comes to risk, you have to think for yourself. That’s the only way to cut through the noise. Society, in fact, needs to make a shift toward prioritizing understanding risk so that we don’t let the experts drive us crazy. In the good old times people learned how to read and to write.  That’s no longer sufficient in the high tech twenty-first century,”'

mai 03, 2014


..'une page, dans son système, doit, s'adressant au coup d'oeil qui précède et enveloppe la lecture, "intimer" le mouvement de la composition; faire pressentir, par une sorte d'intuition matérielle, par une harmonie préétablie entre nos divers modes de perception, ou entre les différences de marche de nos sens,- ce qui va se produire à l'intelligence.'
  • 'The paper intervenes each time as an image, of itself, ends or begins once more, accepting a succession of others, and, since, as ever, it does nothing, of regular sonorous lines or verse – rather prismatic subdivisions of the Idea, the instant they appear, and as long as they last, in some precise intellectual performance, that is in variable positions, nearer to or further from the implicit guiding thread, because of the verisimilitude the text imposes.' 
 'Il introduit une lecture superficielle, qu'il enchaîne à la lecture linéaire; c'était enrichir le domaine littéraire d'une deuxième dimension.(Un Coup de Dés Jamais N'Abolira Le Hasard)'