ianuarie 18, 2011

gustatory sense

"Flavor is what we call a hedonic sense in that it is really a combination of several different senses, the five tastes, but also in a very important contribution from your olfactory or smell system. In fact, it’s estimated that about 85% of what we perceive of as flavor is really olfactory,"
Another mystery regarding our sense of taste that continues to confound the scientific community is that of the so called Proustian experience — or taste and smell's curious ability to conjure both good and bad memories. "One of the things we can note about those memories is they’re always emotionally latent somehow or another. You don’t smell something and remember a page of text or an equation or a phone number or something useful like that...
  • "The other is that they are long lasting. We recall things from many, many years ago and they’re extremely vivid."

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