mai 30, 2011


Pythagoras :Not only do all things possess numbers, all things are numbers. Peter Russell :The Internet is the central nervous system, and each user a discrete neuron, of a newly evolved global brain.  Johann Sebastian Bach :The art of fugue. Bach’s use of counterpoint to organize thematic variations into intricately detailed works called fugues is unequaled in Western music. While he didn’t invent the form, Bach’s fugues have been credited by scientists as a source of insight about nature and the cosmos. Charles Darwin :Evolution by natural selection. Darwin’s theory offers a complete explanation of the complexity and diversity of life, connecting all organisms alive today to all organisms that have ever lived. Leonardo Fibonacci :The Fibonacci sequence, a set of numbers intimately connected to a mathematical proportion that yields beauty in nature, art, and the human form. Albert Einstein :Relativity. Einstein revolutionized modern physics by demonstrating that time and space are not fixed and that mass and energy are manifestations of the same thing.Benoît Mandelbrot :The fractal geometry of nature. Mandelbrot discovered what is now called the Mandelbrot set and coined the term fractal to describe its structure. Fractals, when magnified, display infinitely repeating self-similarity; they describe the complexity of the natural world in a way Euclidean geometry could not.

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