octombrie 08, 2012


As soon as the jury had a little recovered from the shock of being upset, and their slates and pencils had been found and handed back to them, they set to work very diligently to write out a history of the accident, all except the Lizard, who seemed too much overcome to do anything but sit with its mouth open, gazing up into the roof of the court. -`What do you know about this business?' the King said to Alice. -`Nothing,' said Alice. -`Nothing WHATEVER?' persisted the King. -`Nothing whatever,' said Alice. -`That's very important,' the King said, turning to the jury. They were just beginning to write this down on their slates, when the White Rabbit interrupted: -`UNimportant, your Majesty means, of course,' he said in a very respectful tone, but frowning and making faces at him as he spoke. -`UNimportant, of course, I meant,' the King hastily said, and went on to himself in an undertone, --`important-unimportant-- unimportant-important--' as if he were trying which wordsounded best.

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