noiembrie 20, 2010

...More Words

Do you ever have one of those off-handed conversations with a friend that reminds you once again why you so love books and literature, but more particularly words. (Even the everyday words are worth thinking about. Then when you really start delving into the history of words, you find the really obscure, wonderfully antique words--the ones you can use without repercussions (or those that might make others stare blankly)... But, the conversation involved a study of Language and Literacy, which links academic success with the "number of words and encouragements and the breadth of vocabulary" a child hears in early life. It's an interesting (and very basic) concept. Words have power. And, exposing ourselves to lots of the little buggers is a good thing. Hopefully, it means that we've immersed ourselves in language and literature--reading, discussion, and responding. To that end, how many words are you exposed to every day? In these contemporary times--bombarded as we are with a profusion of images and sounds--how many words do you consume in a day? How many books, poems, stories or plays do you read? Is the word count anywhere near to the 11 million/year the study mentions?

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